Gospel Martins is great because of his research responsiveness for public sustainable and environmental issues

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Martins Gospel is the founder of Oil Dangers With Martins. A result driven, educated professional and environmentally friendly with passion to relation of humans and various natural systems with significant and administrative progressive experience that is highly applicable as Managing Director. Martins Gospel was previously the President and Chairman of a Career and Life Reformation Organization in 2012 with accomplishment of effecting lives and building sustainable communities within his administrative unit. He is highly organized, a creative leader and multi-tasker with proven track records of overseeing the Organizations plans and operations, executing the corporate activities and keeping control expenditure, ensuring it is within the agreed budgets. Martins Gospel is a diplomatic liaison with extensive history of collaborating with Companies, Government departments/regulatory bodies and wide array of national and international Organizations and Individuals on sustainable public issues. His researching responsiveness for basic descriptive statistical skills and environmental issues has produced reports required to foster our corporate mission.

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Nonprofit Community Roles


Program Director 2016 – present

Liason on sustainable public issues and collaborating with government departments & regulatory bodies, ICs, NGOs and other...