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Answer: I've seen so many board members come out for events but I never see them participate in the mentorship program. I think it would really...

Answer: You can now use EC to facilitate these same activities as other tools: Document Mgmt - Users can create new articles as well as upload...

Answer: Frankly, no.

Answer: After researching a ton of schools submitting about 7 applications and getting accepted to 3 of my 7 choices, I decided that going straight...

Answer: I don't want to get political, but I am anxious about any policies as we get closer to election time.

Answer: Germany doesn't really matter, does it?

Answer: If your Little is on the younger side, a visit to the local fire station is always fun. Firemen will typically give you a tour of the...

Answer: First and foremost, alert your match specialist. They should guide you and will assist in ensuring your Little is safe. 

Answer: I have a colleague that is ED  at a local non-profit that I think is a great fit. The nonprofit has a similar mission of empowering young...


MCIL is dedicated to the full promotion of the Independent Living (IL) philosophy by supporting individuals with disabilities.

We use a holistic mind and body approach and have a safe space to empower LGBTQ+ youth and allies to grow as individuals and within their...

Taking care of IT for UK Charities and providing trusted software and information technology support services for over 20 years.

This knowledge-sharing community will make the charity work you do even better by providing tools to connect you with other nonprofits and...

Mission Good Works is an organization committed to making the world a better place through the empowerment of women.


Austin, TX USA

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Job Coach 2018 – 2019

Austin, TX USA

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MissionBox Quality Assurance

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MissionBox Quality Assurance


Central Texas Food Bank