Barefoot College work in rural India to provide locally relevant solutions through a combination of rural wisdom and demystifying technology

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Barefoot College is a Non Profit working in the area of Education, Health , Energy access and livelihood with a gender balanced approach in India . One of our primary focus is in the area of adolescent education and health and wellness. Our holistic program has been designed to provide education adapted to make it relevant for rural context and with inclusion of subjects such as environmental education on local plants and conservation, body awareness , gender roles. Our delivery style has been hands on learning, critical discussions leading to challenge age old archaic traditions has triggered slow sustainable transformations. One of our programs on gender education have been sensitizing young boys and girls on gender notions, promoting them to question stereotypes, deconstruct identities which is the key to development of gender equity ideology right at the formative year. Our body awareness sessions with inclusion of sensitive topics such as abuse has been creating a trusted space where good touch, bad touch, measures to be taken in vulnerable positions, the idea of consent , the courage to say NO are discussed and inculcated through role plays, drawings, dance and songs. Our health sessions on menstrual health have been preparing young girls to be period ready and challenge unsafe myths. We believe our approach has been preparing young confident , aware individuals in rural hinterland of India capable of pushing forward positive transformations in their communities.

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