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Although we are small we still have have successful outreaches and campaigns. This is due in large part to teamwork, passion and commitment

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Founded in 1999, Westchester Council of the Blind is a chapter of the nationwide American Council of the Blind. We are a very active group of 27 that advocates for the blind in Westchester County, New York. Although Westchester County is considered an affluent county, the services for the blind are very limited especially for those over 65 and what services exists are not well promoted. It is our duty to educate people who are blind to the services that are available and how to obtain them. We do this with outreach to schools, nursing homes, community based organizations, fairs, elected officials and social media. We also have events like safe street crossings and dining in the dark. Among our goals are: • Teach disability awareness; • Educate on how to not only live but to thrive with blindness: • Encourage participation in recreational activities; • Reduce the isolation that so often comes with blindness and • Lead the way in legal and social advocacy for those who are blind. At present we are spearheading a campaign to promote usage of the machine used for voting by people with disability and will soon be heading another that teaches emergency preparedness for people with disability. Our group is growing but not our funding so one of our main 2018 objectives is to increase funding that will help with outreach, build our website, and to create a monthly disability awareness program.

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