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Reimbursing employee expenses without following certain procedures can be costly. Understand the rules.

Meaningful support of women in nonprofit leadership roles may overhaul boardrooms, executive suites and everyday workplaces.

Do you feel like a bad person because your desire to volunteer is fading? Here are ways of dealing with that feeling.

Wonder what to do if you suspect a romantic relationship between a board member and a staff member? Here are two possible approaches.

Find out how your nonprofit or charity — anywhere in the world — can win a grant from the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund.

The time to prepare for online fundraising is now. Consider tips for a donor-friendly website that accepts online donations.

Low-profit limited liability companies — or L3Cs — are social ventures. Here's what it takes to be considered an L3C in the U.S.

Wonder how to handle the discovery of a handgun in the office? Here are two possible approaches.

As consumers rely less on cash, charities must offer alternative ways to give.

In-kind gifts can be valuable to a nonprofit. Draft policies and procedures to get the most out of these contributions.

Open this article to learn more about the first global marketplace that connects your business with your ideal, prequalified nonprofit...

Does your nonprofit rely on individual donors? Show thanks, build loyalty and keep them in the loop. Here's how.

Understand the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act — and how they might affect your nonprofit.

GDPR comes into force in May 2018. Get the lowdown on the new legislation.

A bank plays a vital role in the day-to-day management of your organization, helping you reduce costs and streamline efforts.

#GivingTuesday grants available for nonprofits and charities registered on MissionBox!

Google Ad Grants are in-kind donations delivered to nonprofits worldwide through specially created Google AdWords accounts. Register today!

Wondering how to deal with a disruptive and destructive force in the office?

An equal employment opportunity policy makes sense for nonprofits of all sizes. Here's help getting started.

The United Way provides both short-term and multi-year grants. Might your nonprofit benefit from United Way funding? Find out!

Personnel policies and procedures define how your organization operates in the nonprofit world. Here's help putting it in writing.

Wonder how to handle donations from an unexpected and unorthodox source?

Begin your business appeal by drafting an ideal business donor profile for your nonprofit. Here's help getting started.

Beyond the legal requirement, ensuring compliance with the ADA will help you welcome people who have disabilities into your organization.

With micro volunteering, you can engage even the most time-strapped supporters to help your cause. Here's how.

The research about what works and what doesn't for email eventually points to psychology. Use these tips to improve your open rates.

Understanding common financial documents will help you make sure your nonprofit's financial management is in good hands.

COBRA is a safeguard for loss of employer-sponsored health insurance benefits. Here's what it means to your nonprofit.

Are you claiming Gift Aid on eligible donations? If not, you're missing out on valuable extra revenue.

Wondering how you can be supportive to a co-worker who is transitioning from male to female?

OSHA's regulations cover just about every American worker. Here are the basics — and the penalties for noncompliance.

Do you know how long to retain employment records? Tax filings? Invoices? Here's an at-a glance guide to nonprofit document retention.

Thinking of boosting your income — and your sustainability — by selling goods or services? Start here.

Internal financial controls help prevent theft and fraud while supporting financial transparency. Understand common controls.

To foster a strong board, understand the most common board oversights and mistakes.

Employment at will is commonplace in the United States, affecting workers in nearly every state. Here's how it works.

Competitive compensation is essential to finding — and keeping — qualified employees. It's about more than straight salary, though.

Social ventures come in many shapes and sizes. Here's how they support capacity building and sustainability.

Laws governing nonprofits in the U.S. can vary greatly between states. Understand how acts such as the MNCA and RUUNAA may affect you.

Understand the basics of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Equal Pay Act — and how they affect your nonprofit.

In the U.S., HIPAA compliance is required if your nonprofit interacts with health information in any way.

Here's a sampling of the most commonly required work posters, as mandated by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Think your organization is too small to evaluate human resource practices? Think again!

Wondering how to recover some shred of dignity from a overindulgent company bacchanal?

Are you ready to turn your vision of a better world into a successful nonprofit organization? Get started on the right foot.

Board bylaws determine how your nonprofit operates. Here's how to get started and what to include.

Here's what your nonprofit needs to know about filing, retaining and storing I-9 and withholding forms.

Do you wonder about the state of your nonprofit's organizational infrastructure and functioning? Use this assessment to find out.

Employees and independent contractors aren't one and the same. Classify correctly to avoid financial penalties and HR headaches.

Find out what SOX means for U.S. nonprofits, including document retention and destruction guidelines and whistleblower protection.