Home isn't always the first thing you think of when someone says "hospital." For many of us, the hospital is a place we frequent only when we really need to: for annual check-ups to make sure we stay well, for emergency care when something goes wrong, and for routine medical care from new prescriptions to immunizations. But for some in our communities, Bellevue Hospital is their second home. Since 1949, Children of Bellevue has been dedicated to improving the lives of 25,000 children and teens who walk through the doors of the oldest public hopital in our nation--Bellevue--and making our hospital a place where NYC kids and teens can come to receive more than medicine. So how do we make a hospital a home? The families we serve are inspiring and amazing people, who sometimes don't have the resources readily available to enhance their kids' development; that's where our five innovative programs come in. On the front line of innovation, our child-centric programs, life-changing services, and groundbreaking research set the standard in pediatric care nationwide. The programs you fund ensure that these little New Yorkers can not only survive in the big city, but thrive. Five core programs: - Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - Child Life & Development - Child Protection & Development - Reach Out & Read and the H.E.L.P. Project - Video Interaction Project