A non-denominational gathering for all faiths to celebrate the power of Love and fellowship in a troubled divided world! We celebrate the power of the universe,life force, or a god our our understanding, Loving All and Welcoming All, who wish to live a better life together! We have programs to benefit those less fortunate in our communities by harnessing the power of Faith and Love in action! Much of that we do, is based upon the belief, " That God makes no junk", neither human, or material, our members engage in "green efforts" and the salvage and salvation of materials, and mankind respectively. Together, and with a goal in mind, there is no force stronger than our collective love, expressed through concentrated, collaborated, and united works. We are active community engaged and making a change! Work-Training and Direct benefit Service Programs to those in the community who need them. We train and deploy crews of workers, and leaders to offer services to area businesses and citizens. All of this work is discounted in pricing to allow more to access needed services, and it also allows the newly recovering ( Drug Addiction & Alcoholism) to work, on a schedule with allows them to stay focused on a schedule to place their Recovery "First" , followed closely by service to others! We are still looking for our permanent Church Home, But meet with others in the "old-Fashion" home visit prayer and discussion meetings/services!

607 Coleman Ave, Fairmont, WV 26554, USA