Todos Juntos Learning Center is a non-profit organization that serves primarily Latino, Spanish-speaking, low-income families in the Austin and surrounding areas. Todos Juntos seeks to help all families, regardless of faith, income, or ethnic background, gain access to a quality learning experience by: Providing adult education services Providing early childhood education services Providing family learning experiences Providing a trust-based community Partnering with established organizations Since 2009, Todos Juntos has used a three-pronged approach to combat intergenerational poverty among Austin’s low-income, Spanish-speaking residents. The approach combines high quality early childhood education (ECE), adult English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, and culturally appropriate parenting and life skills education. Todos Juntos believes that a multimodal, multigenerational approach is the best approach to ending the cycle of poverty and ensuring that all Austin’s residents can enjoy the promise our city has to offer.

Organization Size:

Small: 500K-2M USD