Just be a Child, inspires Kenyan children to read. We create libraries in poor but aspirational Kenyan communities, because we believe that every community can lead themselves out of poverty if given inspiration, knowledge and hope. Every two years we buy a 40ft shipping container. We ask schools, organisations, companies and individuals to give us all the books (children's stories from age 1 and up, fiction and non-fiction for the adults, reference books on all topics and text books for students of all ages), puzzles, games, pencils, paper and more. Every two years we send the the container to Mombasa and with our partner community for now from within Ukunda/Diani we convert the container into a fully functional library. We train 5 to 7 volunteers to become our librarians and we work with the community on establishing various community based classes. Those range from arts and crafts, reading and writing and sports. Every year we need to raise £10k at least to make sure our new library happens, but also that our old libraries (we now have two) continue to deliver results. We do all this because we love books. We love the knowledge and the freedom that comes with it. And we do that in Kenya well, because they speak English but mainly because we believe that the children can have better lives if only they could imagine how.