Liberty's Promise seeks to make the immigrant experience an affirmative one for young newcomers by providing them with resources and opportunities to get involved in their new communities, pursue secondary education, or learn necessary skills to receive employment. Since 2005 we have worked with over 4,000 youth to ensure that they can achieve their American dreams. To date, out of the 4,000+ youth who have completed our programs, 99% have graduated from high school and 64% have enrolled in some college education. Our alumni are currently attending schools such as Duke, Brown, and Harvard. Those who have graduated from college are employed at places such as Duracell, Ernst&Young, and Nestle. Our programs are successful because of the unique relationships we build with our youth. Our youth know that we care about their success, and they know that they have someone who not only believes in them and expects them to do well, but that we will hold them accountable for what they want to achieve in their lives. Our participants know that Liberty's Promise is a family they can always come home to. While offering advice to our current youth, one of our alumni remarked, "Never believe that where you came from or who you are, can have a negative effect on your education. There are people who do care, and they are part of an organization that helps youth reach their goals, no matter how hard you think they might be. That organization is called Liberty’s Promise."