Friends of the Children is a national nonprofit that is breaking the cycle of generational poverty by giving children facing the highest risks the ability to create a new story. We do this by providing the most vulnerable children in East and Southeast Austin with a long-term, salaried, professional mentor, who we call a "Friend," from kindergarten through high school graduation. 12.5 years - no matter what. Our evidence-based model works: - 83% of our youth graduate from high school - 93% of our youth avoid the juvenile justice system - 98% of our youth avoid early parenting We aren't just changing the stories of children facing the highest risks. We're changing the collective stories of our community for the long run. Our work is focused on one child at a time, but it affects everyone. Our Mission Friends of the Children's mission is to help our nation's most vulnerable children develop the relationships, goals, and skills necessary to break the cycles of poverty, abuse and violence, and become contributing members of society.

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