Skate Like a Girl is a community-driven organization, and hosts a wide range of programming in order to meet the various needs of underserved populations in skateboarding. Many key programs are offered at all chapters, with each locale also hosting their own site-specific programs as well. Our core programs include Ladies* Nights, Youth Employment Skateboarding, Summer Skate Camp, and School-based Enrichment. Skate Like a Girl has always been about more than just skateboarding. Founded in the Spring of 2000 by Evergreen College students, Holly Sheehan and Fleur Larson, Skate Like a Girl sought to build a community of women skateboarders who were committed to uprooting any "-ism" that presented barriers. The founders and their grassroots efforts gained increasing attention, creating momentum that led to the official establishment as a 501c3 in 2005 and a new headquarters in Seattle. Once settled, experimentation with new program models evolved into a movement beyond girl's specific programs. Not long after, volunteer-driven chapters emerged in Portland and the Bay Area and by 2015, the organization gained stability by hiring paid coaches and administrative staff. Today, Skate Like a Girl is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that operates in three states, serving individuals of all genders in the Bay Area, Portland, and Seattle.

Organization Size:

Small: 500K-2M USD


Seattle Parks & Recreation Denny Award, 2017

Year Established