Established in 1980, Teen Line is a nonprofit, community-based organization helping troubled teenagers address their problems. It is our mission to provide personal teen-to-teen education and support before problems become a crisis, using a national hotline, digital technology and community outreach. Over a hundred teens from all over Los Angeles volunteer at Teen Line annually, completing a intensive 65-hour training program that focuses on the issues teens face, from relationships to suicide. They also learn to 'actively listen' -- a simple act that can make a powerful, often life-saving difference. Teens in distress can either call/text/email our volunteers any evening between 6-10PM PST, offering them several ways to comfortably contact the hotline for help. Participating as a Teen Line listener builds self-confidence and empathy and provides skills in problem solving, negotiation and crisis management, which helps the teen throughout their lives. Teen Line's Community Outreach Program goes directly into schools and youth groups to reach out to tens of thousands of teens and educators each year to get the conversation started about mental health. We also offer our expertise as professional trainings to community groups and schools, publish our own educational materials and youth resource guides, and host Message Boards, a supportive community of over 30,000 registered teens talking about topics that range from health and fitness to self-harm.

8700 Gracie Allen Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA
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Small: 500K-2M USD

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