Crosstimbers Wildlife DFW Wildlife Coalition Find a Rehaber in Your Area Kemp Wildlife Rehabilitation is a 501c3 nonprofit chariity registered with the IRS to recieve tax decuctable donations. We depend completly on private donations to rescue the animals. Everyone at KWRR is a volunteer, including the founders. Mary Kemp is the founder of Kemp Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release and is licensed with the Texas Department of Wildlife. Mary and her husband have been active in wildlife rehabilitation for more than 25 years in both bird and mammal rehabilitation. Jesse Kemp is a subpermitte of Mary with Texas Parks & Wildlife. KWRR specializes in raising orphaned native wildlife with the goal of returning each of them to a life of freedom in the wild. Our joint mission is to provide quality care for the precious and demanding babies that need us so desperately in order to survive. No matter what the species, each are sweet infants that grow up and take their place in the wild world. We work for free because we know these lives are priceless and every cent donated to these babies goes to buy lifesaving milk replacement, nourishing foods, and medicine. Our animals are cared for until they are ready to be released back into their natural environment. They may start off in an incubator being fed around the clock with lots of love and attention and then graduate to a large pre-release enclosure with minimal contact.

Organization Size:

Very Small: Under 500K USD

Service Area:

Wichita Falls, TX, USA