Our mission at Charities Review Council (the Council) is to build donor and nonprofit relationships for strong, vibrant, and just communities to achieve our vision of transforming philanthropy. We are building a culture of philanthropy where donors, funders, and nonprofits all work together in engaged partnership to strengthen their communities. By working together, donors, funders, and nonprofits are better able to identify and meet the community’s needs and find innovative solutions to community concern. To achieve our mission, the Council created the Accountability Standards®, and we regularly update them to ensure they remain relevant. The Standards are community co-created benchmarks of nonprofit governance, finances, fundraising, and public communication, representing a balance of nonprofit sector promising practices, public expectations, and legal requirements. The Standards serve as the shared expectations between donors and nonprofits, encouraging the building and strengthening of authentic relationships between them.

Organization Size:

Small: 500K-2M USD

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United States

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