OUR VISION To be the recognized leader in harnessing the healing power of the human-horse connection. OUR MISSION Harnessing the healing power of the human-horse connection. OUR VALUES Passion Integrity Trust Compassion Relationships Our Passion is working with horses and humans so that they can help each other reach their full potential. Our ability to execute our Mission is through the power of strong, Compassionate Relationships based on Integrity and Trust. We are passionate about giving horses a new lease on life; specifically a second career for Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds. Through this work, we have seen the amazing power horses have to transform the lives of individuals – even through the most basic of interactions. Horses are very perceptive creatures – they just KNOW – and adapt their behavior to what an individual needs at any given time.  We want to continue to find loving homes for horses, but we also want to educate the public about the transformative power of horses in enhancing an individual’s quality of life.  We envision a world where every horse has a home, and the transformative power of the horse is available and used widely to improve the quality of life of individuals everywhere.

Organization Size:

Very Small: Under 500K USD

Service Area:

Florida, USA


Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance

Year Established