Red Flyer is a program of For Paws Hospice originated in 2009. Red Flyer. provides new and used pet wheelchairs to families caring for handicapped, special needs animals. In 9 years Red Flyer has provided wheelchairs and mobility aids to over 450 families who would not have been able to afford the cost or simply dod not know these devices were available and might have been forced to give up their family member. Key to our success was the innovation that once "Loaned" to a family these chairs would be returned to Red Flyer and recycled to another special needs animal.; some of our chairs have been used by 4, 5 and 6 dogs. There is never a cost to a family to receive a chair, Red Flyer pays all costs including shipping. We now have chairs in use in nearly every state and 4 foreign countries.

Organization Size:

Very Small: Under 500K USD

Service Areas:

United States | India | Thailand



Year Established