**Thanks everyone for support United 4 Social Change is a project to train new activists to be effective advocates for social change. We work primarily by teaching people to advocate for social issues through both spoken and written forms of communication. Our curricula focus on high-level argumentation to create social advocates that use reason and evidence to persuade others. We work with students to develop their skills for editorial writing. We encourage writers to share their diverse experiences and train them to discuss issues with effectiveness. We also work in-person with students on public speaking and writing to provide hands-on and interactive training for social advocacy. Both these tactics are unique in that instead of working primarily with those who have the skills to be effective advocates for social issues, we work with those who face the social issues to better advocate for themselves. We believe that it is one thing to speak for someone and another thing altogether to teach someone to speak for themselves. We believe written and spoken advocacy is effective for social change as it provides the necessary tools to fight problems that people face. Effective social advocacy allows people to campaign against institutions and society for change that meets the criteria that affected populations set. We strongly believe that advocacy has the largest spillover effect of any social action, not only in creating more advocates but also in solving the problems.

Target Populations:
Youth | Young Adults
Organization Size:

Very Small: Under 500K USD

Service Areas:

United States | India

Year Established