MyCorps is a National Volunteering Program under the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) Malaysia, that provides platform for aspiring Malaysian youth to work at the international level. Since 2012, MyCorps served Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, and currently serving Africa. For this mission, 46 participants of MyCorps @ Africa serving and provide assistance for 2 month in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan. In Tanzania, group is placed in Zanzibar and Tanga. In Zanzibar, a group of six students from Malaysia proposed "Mshauri Project" and performed various activities including going to Pemba, Tumbatu and Tunguu in Zanzibar. Some of the work performed are repairing of School at Tunguu Zanzibar, supplying of solar grids at Tumbatu as well as meeting with students at Muzdalifa.

Organization Size:

Very Small: Under 500K USD

Year Established