Customer Service

Fee-paying customers need an easy-to-use service center and customer community

Create customer delight and loyalty through an effective and engaging virtual communication, education and support community.

Engagement Communities software from MissionBox is affordable, completely customizable and user-friendly. Try it for yourself by booking a live demo today.

Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more and demonstrate more loyalty

Providing a high-quality customer experience is an important component in your customer engagement strategy. Gallup research shows that a fully-engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average.

If you don’t have a customer engagement strategy, you could be missing opportunities to interact with customers and build a relationship with them.

Engagement Communities provides a very affordable, secure, one-stop community building hub to take your customer loyalty to the next level.

Customer engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and your brand

Customer engagement equals customer loyalty, positive brand recognition and additional revenue.

Whether you are a nonprofit with fee for service offerings or a for-profit seeking to increase customer information, communication and trust, Engagement Communitiesis your answer.

Customer engagement equals customer loyalty, positive brand recognition and additional revenue

Engagement Communities Features

Creating engagement with your customers will increase your customer retention and the money they spend on your products or services. MissionBox Engagement Communities provides one secure, branded online center to access all of the great features below. Best of all, all tools are accessed via a unique username and password in a guaranteed private, managed environment, available through any device, both desktop and mobile.


  • Invitations
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Interactive Forums/ Q&A
  • Shared Videos
  • Simple Surveys
  • Budgets
  • Electronic Document Storage and Retrieval
  • Supports Multiple Languages


  • Event Scheduling
  • Shared Documents
  • Document Co-Editing
  • User Feedback
  • Approvals
  • Evaluations
  • Unlimited Users


  • Operations and Mission
  • Delivery Training
  • News and other articles
  • Onboarding
  • Reports
  • Reviews
  • Financial Statements
  • How-Tos/ Templates


  • Case Studies
  • Success Stories
  • Outcomes/ Performance
  • Reports
  • Personal and Colleague Connections
  • Photo & Video Galleries
  • Announcements/ Introductions

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Recommendation from a business owner, like you

Gallery Partnership is finding it easy to set up a full-service community for our valued customers. Our Engagement Communities customer support platform is saving time and money for our business.
Mark Kemp, CEO, Gallery Partnerships UK
Mark Kemp
CEO, Gallery Partnerships UK

Engagement Communities for your customers

A focus on empathy, clarity, and simplicity is critical in your dealings with customers. As well, providing a customer community, providing education, interactions, notifications and stories of success can generate engagement on an unprecedented scale.

With Engagement Communities, you can connect & communicate with customers on one easy-to-access, easy-to-use platform.

Click the sample Engagement Communities page to see what your Customer interactive group page could look like.

Additional Benefits of Engagement Communities

MissionBox Engagement Communities replaces 13 different online communication, education and inspiration tools - all in a customizable and confidential environment.

  • Optimizes document management
  • Guarantees privacy for ALL individuals and groups
  • Customer Success Support always available
  • Replaces multiple communications and collaboration tools
  • Saves an average of 1.5 work days, per week, that can be redirected to mission delivery
  • Provides unlimited user seats and unlimited cloud storage
  • Mobile device and tablet enabled

A Message From Our CEO

As a CEO and business founder, I know that customer retention is a direct result of high-quality and consistent customer engagement. That's why our company,, has designed a very affordable, easy-to-use and private platform to address ALL your customers' needs.
Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk, CEO of MissionBox
Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk,
CEO of MissionBox