Features That Will Revolutionize Your Nonprofit Communication, Collaboration, Connection, Capacity and Reach

Engagement Communities (EC) replaces your multiple, time-consuming and expensive information outreach methods with one, completely private and easy to use online communication hub.

Hover your mouse over the four categories of included EC features, below, and see for yourself why nonprofits love to use our remote work platforms!

Private & Group Chat
Unlimited User Seats
24/7 Customer Support
Password Secure
Video Conferencing Access
Secure Document Management
Communication Image
  • Trigger Email/Text Alerts
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Create and Manage Interactive Forums/ Q&A
  • Post Shared Videos
  • Produce Simple Surveys
  • Provide Targeted, Shared Confidential Information
  • Manage Electronic Document Storage and Retrieval
  • Create Multiple Language Content
  • Build private communities
  • Share Introductions and/or Thank yous
  • Engage in Conversations
  • Q&A Comments
  • Easy Access to Complaints and Concerns
  • Facilitate access to maps/locations
  • Use Missionbox Nonprofit Profiles as a Website
  • Access third party software solutions
  • Personalize Community with customized branding/whitelabeling
  • Utilize Chat for Instant Messaging

EC: Communication Tools

Collaboration Image
  • Trigger Event Notification and Scheduling
  • Offer Shared Documents
  • Provide Document Co-Editing
  • Gather User Feedback
  • Collect User Approvals as Signatures
  • Create and Maintain Resource Listings
  • Provide Customizable Goal Setting and Action Planning Tools
  • Utilize Secure Document Archival and Keyword Retrieval
  • Post Templated Forms
  • Connect Within or Outside your Group

EC: Collaboration Tools

Information Image
  • Share Native and Republished Operations and Mission Educational Articles
  • Provide Native and Reposted Mission Delivery Trainings (Video, Webinar, Content)
  • Promote News and Current Events Content
  • Offer Onboarding How-Tos
  • Access User Analytics and Activity Reports
  • Offer Content Reviews
  • Post Financial Statements and Other Confidential Governance Materials
  • Policies, Procedure, By-Law Postings
  • How-Tos/Templates

EC: Information Tools

Connection Image
  • Publish Case Studies
  • Publish Success Stories
  • Outcomes/ Performance Data Collection and Reporting
  • Annual Reports Posting
  • Create Online, Private Personal and Colleague Connections
  • Build and Manage Photo & Video Galleries
  • Publish Announcements/ Introductions
  • Facilitate Donations and Volunteerism

EC: Connection Tools