Contributor grants MissionBox, Inc. a license to use the Content. The following terms apply to that license. Capitalized terms are defined below.

By submitting Content to MissionBox for publication, Contributor agrees to these terms.

1. License Grant to MissionBox. Contributor here by grants to MissionBox a perpetual, irrevocable,non-exclusive, freely transferable and sublicensable, fully paid up and royalty-free right and license toUse the Content, in all formats and media, whether now known and existing or hereafter discovered or developed, that are applicable to Use on the MissionBox website and other electronic or print media.This license includes the right to sublicense.This license includes the right to permit users of the MissionBox Website to download and store copies of the Content, in their original form or, if applicable, in the form adapted by MissionBox, for the users’ own internal use but not for further reproduction, performance, display, transmission, other distribution, or adaptation.

2. Grant of Rights to Use Name and Likeness. Contributor hereby grants to MissionBox the right to use Contributor’s name, image, likeness and biographical and professional information, including information Contributor provides to MissionBox and any other information about Contributor that is publicly available, in connection with the Content. This includes the right to use this information to advertise and promote the Content or any product or service that features or includes at least some of the Content or, if applicable, an adaptation of that Content.

3. Attribution. MissionBox will attribute Contributor as the source of the Content.

4. Copyright Ownership. The Content is licensed, not sold. Contributor retains the copyright toContent authored by Contributor.

5. Discretion to Use. MissionBox may Use all, or any, or none of the Content for as long asMissionBox deems appropriate, in MissionBox’s sole discretion.

6. Contributor’s Representations and Responsibilities.Contributor represents and warrants to MissionBox that:

  • The Content is Contributor’s sole and original creation, or Contributor has the right and license to grant this license to MissionBox on the terms set forth here.
  • Contributor has obtained written and signed Permissions from all persons who are identified or depicted in the Content, or whose property is identified or depicted in the Content, as may reasonably be expected to be necessary for MissionBox to Use the Content under this license without incurring any payment or any other obligation to anyone. Contributor agrees to supply copies of the Permissions to MissionBox upon request.
  • The Content is truthful and does not defame or libel anyone.
  • The Content does not infringe or otherwise violate the right of any third party, including any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property right, or any right of publicity or privacy.

7. Indemnification by Contributor. Contributor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmlessMissionBox and its affiliates, and its and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates,successors and assigns, from and against any claims, judgments, damages, liabilities, settlements, losses,costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees and disbursements arising from or relating to any breach by Contributor of its representations, warranties, or other obligations hereunder.

8. Assignment by MissionBox. MissionBox may freely assign or otherwise transfer all or any of its rights and obligations or performance, under this agreement.

9. Choice of Law and Venue. This agreement shall be governed by the internal laws of the state ofTexas without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law rule. Each party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in the city of Austin and County of Travis,Texas, in any legal suit, action or proceeding arising out of or related to this agreement or any of theContent.

10. Definitions.

  • "Contributor" means the person or entity that licenses the content to MissionBox.
  • "Content" means the licensed content. It may include text, literary works, graphics,photographs, visual works, sound recordings, data, or combinations of these.
  • "MissionBox" means MissionBox, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its successors and assigns.
  • "Permission" means any required license, permission, waiver or consent, including those relating to publicity and privacy, and including all required licenses to intellectual property of people or entities other than the Contributor.
  • "Use" means (i) to publish the Content on MissionBox’s Website; (ii) to reproduce, link to, host,perform publicly, publicly display, transmit, or otherwise distribute the Content in the form supplied by Contributor; and (iii) to allow adaptation of the Content, with adaptation limited to capitalization style, translation, and global language applicability.