Pratura Group was founded to help small and midsize organizations in the areas of Employee Benefits, Payroll, Human Resources & Compliance. Our typical clients see as savings of almost $1400 per employee annually. For an organization with 25 employees, that's a $35,000 savings. With over 15 years experience working with Non Profits across the country, we can help you: Stretch your budgeted dollars to attract, develop, and retain the best employees for your nonprofit organization – sometimes employees care more about benefits than straight wages. Ensure compliance with volunteers, while reducing the risk and liability of having a volunteer workforce. Safeguard your nonprofit organization in the areas of federal and state compliance required as an employer. Improve employee engagement, by linking organizational and individual goals.

Preferred Organization Sizes

Small: 500K-2M USD | Large: 10-25M USD | Medium: 2-10M USD |

Coverage Area

United States |

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