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Sue Carpenter Chief Programs Officer
Cathy McHorse

Vice President, Success By 6
Early Education, Pre-K Partnerships

Alison Bentley, PhD Director of Research and Evaluation
Shalyn Bravens Director of Family Services, MIECHV, Family Connects
Joelynn Avendano GAVA Early Childhood Sector, Parent Leadership Coordinator
Cristina Alvarado Early Childhood Resource and Referral Manager
Martina Santesteban Family Connects Community Alignment Manager
Vanessa Gaudyn Pre-K Innovation Grant
Thomas Trinh Hogg Mental Health Fellow
Jeanine Dolan Early Language Coaching Project (LENA)
Carinne Deeds Director of 2-Gen and Financial Stability
Sarah Koestler 2-Gen Coordinator (part-time)
Nnena Odim 2-Gen Coordinator (part-time)

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