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We have been sharing information with anyone & everyone who will listen...

Politicians, Mayors, Superintendents, School Committee Members, honey farms cashiers, even Brett Young’s Pianist ;)

I’m always amazed by 2 things:

1.) how common it is, everyone seems to know someone who is Dyslexic.
2.) how little people know about what dyslexia really is and how little is done in our schools to address it.

So why is an organization like RIVET needed?

The best analogy that I’ve come up with for people to understand how public schools are failing Dyslexic Students {1 in 5} is this: It would be like if we were talking about teaching righties & lefties.

If we had a classroom of 25 students; 20 who are right handed {typical learners} and 5 who are left handed {dyslexic}. Even though teaching both would require different accommodations, tools, and techniques, we are only going to structure our instructional approach to the right handed children.

We are going to educate our teachers on how to teach kids to write using only their right hands. When the left handed kids begin struggle and their parents come in to tell us that they suspect that their child might actually be “left handed”, we are going to laugh in their faces. We will tell them there is no such thing, or if the parent is persistent enough we will acknowledge the concern and tell them that we know how to fix it, even though we are not equipped.

Instead of training our teachers to effectively teach those left handed children, we will continue to teach all of the children how to hold their pencil, draw, paint, cut, throw/catch a ball, swing a bat... using only right handed tools. We will give those left-handed children the right-handed scissors, right handed pencil grips & pens, maybe even a right-handed notebook or a right-handed glove in gym class.

As a result we will watch as those left handed kids fail at something that their body was just not built to do efficiently. We will keep telling them to try harder, while we continue giving them the right handed tools. We will tell their parents that maybe they should hire a tutor, or imply maybe its that their child is lazy, has a vision issue, or just attention issue!

By 4th and 5th grade, the gap has widened and these kids have so little self esteem, that they truly believe they cannot do the grade level work that is expected. These children are now angry/bitter because things are so much harder for them than it is for their peers. These kids feel stupid deep down and may even be labeled that by their peers.

No one is talking about the fact that just like some people are right handed and left handed, 1 in 5 people use a different side of their brain to process language. These people are NOT stupid, in fact, these people also happen to have an average or above average IQ. These people happen to require a VERY specific type of instruction in order to learn.

As schools continue to argue with science and what we have known about Dyslexia for the past 80+ years, we continue failing these kids. We have children who despise school and the idea of learning, but worst of all, we have children with SO much potential, who now have so little hope for their future.





After a very costly and emotional 6 year battle advocating for our amazing daughter (who happens to be Dyslexic), my family saw a huge need...


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