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Learning Ally is an amazing audiobook program with over 80,000 audiobooks read by human voices.

They heard about RIVET and wanted to support our mission, so they have created a special promo code for me to share!!!

The yearly membership is normally $135 but they have given RIVET a special promo code that will take $10 off!

***AND**** for each membership created using our code they are giving RIVET a $25 Amazon Gift card so that we can purchase tablets for families & schools in need️. 

Click here to join and enter promo code: Ally_12033278 to receive $10 off your yearly membership.

I just purchased an account and have created “online bookshelves” for each of my kids. I will have it for everyone to try out at our next RIVET group on Sunday!

Learning Ally has something for everyone

They have everything from Harry Potter to The Grinch to High School/College textbooks to The Bible! You can follow along with the text as you “Ear” read.

It is similar to Netflix, where you can download books in your bookshelf to use when you are without internet access. The best thing is that you pay a yearly membership and you and your kids have access to unlimited books, no purchasing books each time!

Learning Ally was created to help those who may have difficulty reading, vision problems, or even physical disabilities preventing them from holding a book. A quick note from a doctor, teacher or counselor will qualify anyone. They give you 14 days to email it after you sign up.

They also offer a discount for anyone with a financial hardship.

Learning Ally can be used on a laptop, ipad, google tablet, and even a kindle fire with google chrome app!




After a very costly and emotional 6 year battle advocating for our amazing daughter (who happens to be Dyslexic), my family saw a huge need...


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