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MissionBox is proud to announce the recipient of our December 2018 grant from the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund.

Congratulations Fathers New Mexico!

Fathers New Mexico’s (FathersNM) mission is to provide support, resources, and skills to promote healthy and responsible fathering in young families. FathersNM nurtures connections between the father, the family, and the community to promote self, family, and community health.

FathersNM engages with fathers in the greater Albuquerque/Santa Fe region of the state. Participants in our programming are almost all living below 200% of the federally defined poverty level, over 90% are men of color, and over three-quarters became fathers before they were 20 years old. Within individualized support relationships and group engagements, participants learn about parenting, collaborative relationship building and are supported to pursue their dreams.

The work of FathersNM includes the FUTURE MEN PROJECT (FMP), a service learning/prevention/coming of age group for middle school boys. The program integrates the exploration of masculinity, health and the future with small group dynamics and a lesson plan that emphasizes mutual respect. Participants are exposed to healthy perspectives on manhood and skills building in the areas of communication, relationships and life planning. FMP groups include 6 to 12 boys and meet weekly during the school year. All participants have been identified as being “at risk” due to behavioral or academic challenges.

FathersNM believes that supporting boys and men to consider messages about manhood, their personal aspirations, self perceptions and relationships will help them to envision a path into healthy, responsible manhood. Providing them with specific skills will allow them to meet challenges and experience success with respect.

MissionBox extends our sincere thanks to all organizations and for participating in our December 2018 grant.

For our last grant award of 2018, the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund is offering one (1) $2,500 (USD) cash grant award to a nonprofit or charity that is working to help boys and/or men find new alternatives to harassing behavior, violence against others and overall gender bias.

MissionBox actively supports boys and men in learning new ways of growing up and working in peace, harmony, mutual trust and nonviolence. We believe in a present, and a future, where men receive the help, support and education they deserve to create positive social change and a civil society for all.

Does your nonprofit’s mission work toward this goal? You may qualify if you provide any type of positive support and education service that makes a constructive difference in the lives of men or boys.

Tell us in 250 words or less what your program/s provide and your impact in this critical area of social change.

The Grant

The MissionBox Philanthropic Fund is offering one (1) $2,500 (USD or equivalent) grant award for December 2018 to a nonprofit or charity, from anywhere in the world, that provides services in the positive support and education service that make a constructive difference in the lives of men or boys.

Apply for the MissionBox $2,500 Grant Award starting on December 10, 2018 at 1 PM CST. The grant closes December 31, 2018 at 5:00pm CST. The winner will be announced in January 2019.

Applying for the grant

Please read and carefully follow the instructions below to apply:

If you DO NOT currently have a MissionBox organization profile:

  • First, create your organization’s profile on MissionBox. It is your responsibility to carefully follow and fully complete your organizational profile on MissionBox. This will allow the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund to ensure that applicants represent an actively registered charity or nonprofit. Important note: Only nonprofits and charities with completed profiles are eligible.

Register Your Organization on MissionBox

  • Second, in 250 words or less, tell us what your program/s provide and your impact in this critical area of social change, and send it to

If you DO have a MissionBox organization profile:

  • In 250 words or less, tell us what your program/s provide and your impact in this critical area of social change, and send it to

Your organizational profile submission indicates that you agree to allow MissionBox to republish descriptions of your work, in any available medium, as attributed to you or your organization.

Follow MissionBox on Facebook and Twitter for new grant opportunity and award recipient announcements.

Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase or fee is required to apply or be chosen as a grant recipient.
  • Submissions must be provided in English.
  • If an insufficient number of eligible entries are received, MissionBox reserves the right to award remaining grant funds in a future grant award program.

Applicants must be affiliated with an organization that is an IRS-approved nonprofit or a registered charity or NGO in the organization’s country of origin.

Qualified organizations will be asked to confirm that they comply with the following nonprofit operating guidelines:

  • Organization must have been a registered nonprofit, NGO or charity and in operation for at least one full year.
  • Organization may be asked to verify the above by providing documentation.

In addition:

  • Applicant agrees to allow MissionBox to publish information about the mission of the nonprofit or charity in any media format selected by MissionBox.
  • If requested, Applicant agrees to meet with a representative of the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund about his or her organization.
  • Applicant agrees that all questions related to the grant application will be transmitted via email to Please do not call MissionBox with questions. Callers will become ineligible to receive a grant.
  • Any taxes incurred, or tax reporting required because of receiving grant funds are the responsibility of the recipient. Neither MissionBox, Inc. nor the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund shall be liable for deducting or reporting any tax associated with this transaction. This grant program is null and void in any jurisdiction where prohibited by law.
  • MissionBox employees, officers, directors, and shareholders, or members of their immediate families (spouse, children, brother, sister, mother, father) are not eligible to apply for grant awards.

The MissionBox Philanthropic Fund is a fund of the Austin Community Foundation (ACF).



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