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Nonprofits and charities are forced to ask themselves, “How do we effectively balance mission delivery with mission development?”  The natural next question is, “How do we afford to access the level of expertise needed to grow and sustain our mission?”

At GOODWORKS 360°, we believe all nonprofits deserve access to the best and brightest thinkers on social impact. Those experts exist, and they are willing to help.  The problem: much of this remarkable talent is not easily access where needed, out of reach to so many deserving nonprofits. Those with both talent and passion are too often based in “Anywhere, USA” (or beyond) and the nonprofits needing assistance are all over the world.

Closing the passion–mission-affordability gap.

GOODWORKS 360° “virtually” matches the need with the talent, via FREE virtual delivery. We do it by “Delivering Mission-Critical Pro Bono Services To Good Deserving Nonprofits Around The World”

To be clear: there are no hidden costs in this “pro bono” arrangement.  When GOODWORKS 360 says pro bono, we mean work undertaken voluntarily with no expectation of payment.  Period.

We recognize that a structured “virtual” investment of expert time and talent is an effective strategy for nonprofit capacity building. Our interested nonprofits are not burdened with endless meetings and never-ending bureaucracy to access the help needed. Everything we do is virtual, with results efficiently and effectively delivered. And there’s NO contract to sign because we operate purely in good faith with nothing more than a “virtual handshake”.

What type of nonprofit needs the help of GOODWORKS 360°?

Nonprofit teams are passionate, committed people, but often they are overwhelmed.

82.5 percent of all reporting public charities have an annual revenue of under one million dollars. Limited budgets mean most of the nonprofit sector are often strapped for time, resources, and expertise. There are many innovative ways to approach these challenges, including finding experts that will volunteer time and great thinking to help drive important initiatives and enable nonprofit staff to focus on mission and service delivery. The ideal role of a GOODWORKS 360° pro bono consultant is that of an objective and experienced professional helping to achieve a charity goal or implement a new process, within their expert and specific skill area.

If you’re a nonprofit that needs the pro bono help of GOODWORKS 360°, visit @GOODSERVICES to learn more about available expertise and @FAQ for more insights and next steps to see if you qualify.

Have You Got The Time, Talent & Passion To Make A Difference?

Are you ready to start your “giving back” journey from afar by making your particular expertise “virtually” available now and then? OR Perhaps you’d like to do your part by sponsoring a Grant for the benefit of a deserving nonprofit in need? OR are you a vendor/consultant to the nonprofit community who would be willing to offer your services as an endorsed service provider?

Become a Virtual Impact Partner (VIP)

The GOODWORKS 360° Team (e.g. “do-gooders at large”) is passionately dedicated to helping nonprofits – locally, nationally and internationally – enhance their sustainability via streamlined access to high-impact pro bono services. The end results? THEY remain focused on their mission, their passion, and service to their community. WE remain focused on delivering real solutions in real-time while helping them make their difference in the world. By becoming a pro bono GOODWORKS 360° Virtual Impact Partner (VIP), you will be poised to help nonprofits “sustain  their vision for good…”

What’s the VIP time commitment?

As little or as much as you want to devote. We’ll simply have you and your credentials and skills standing by until needed. You can then choose (or not) to virtually donate the “time/talent” challenge to selected, so -called “GoodClients.” GOODWORKS 360° will carefully coordinate the engagement to make the best us of everyone’s time.

Have more to give? Become a Sounding Board member

It’s lonely at the top. Sometimes, it helps a nonprofit leader to access a current or former Executive Director, Board Chair, or otherwise governance professional, just need to chat with someone who’s been there and done that. As a Member of our Sounding Board, no upfront, formal time commitment is required – just your commitment that when we reach out for a brief chat, your wisdom of experience is ready to be shared.

Become an endorsed GOODWORKS 360° Partner

Acquire a unique label that endorses your social responsibility. Capture goodwill for your brand by offering our approved nonprofit clients your service or product, pro bono. If you happen to have an “affiliate” program, turn the referral commission you would normally pay into a @GOODVALUE Discount. In return, we’ll present your hyperlinked Company Logo on our exclusive @GOODVALUE PARTNERS Page. We will make endorsed referrals whenever your product/service is needed. AND we’ll provide you with our official “Proud Supporter” seal for display on your Website.


We’re always in search of good behind-the-scenes admin help. Could be improving our website. Could be helping us stay on top of engagement stuff. Could be interfacing with our nonprofit clients. Could be updating our @GoodInsights blog. Whatever it is, if you’re good at admin and willing to do your magic to help us help others, let us know because we need all the @GOODROCKSTARS we can find.


GOODWORKS 360° @GoodGrants is creating a donor fund to be awarded to nonprofits.  The award decisions are based upon Mission, Passion, and Need. These targeted Micro-Grants (up to $1,000, each) are usually targeted to support a project that will make a genuine difference.  We’ll also follow up to ensure that 100% of the Grant serves it’s intended purpose/project. It’s not about big $$$. It’s about big differences…

What are next steps?

Take some time to; stroll through our GOODWORKS 360° Site, including our FAQ Page. Let us know if you’d like to help (VIP Team, Sounding Board Member, @GOODVALUE Partner, @GoodRockStar, @GoodGrant Sponsor) or in an email[Subject Line: GOODWORKS 360° | HELP IS ON THE WAY].



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