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Helping girls discover their fullest potential through financial mentorship

The Sister-Nomic$ program is designed to empower young women through financial literacy to increase the understanding of how money works in the world; how money is earned, managed, invested and donated in order to help others in the community. Our program stresses the importance of a great educational foundation that leads to stable employment and economic growth as contributors to our local community. The program focuses on the importance of homeownership and imparts knowledge on how to decrease elder poverty. These goals are achievable through the Sister-Nomic$ program and through proper financial literacy that includes major practices with a knowledge base that ends with retirement planning and maintaining viable credit scores.

Positive Steppers

Our program begins with mentoring the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., Oakland — Bay Area Chapter’s (NCBW-OBAC) Positive Steppers in an effort to prepare them for long-term success in school and in life. The Positive Steps Program is a mentoring program, developed by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, that offers girls the opportunity to recognize their fullest potential by focusing on personal growth and development, cultural enrichments and social development.

Sister-Nomic$ curriculum

Sister-Nomic$ is designed to increase money management skills for young women, ages 12 to 17. Participants will be taught the following key skills:

  • How to create and manage a budget
  • The ease and importance of knowing how to save money
  • The experience of the thrill: knowing how to open a bank account;
  • As well as a basic understanding of investing for an overall healthy financial future

The program takes place in three sessions and is comprised of 25 to 40 participants. The following information is covered:

Orientation: Introduction to Financial Literacy

A local financial institution will speak to participants about the importance of financial literacy and banking basics that will highlight the benefits of a 529 Plan. During this time, Positive Steppers will have the opportunity to open a bank account and begin their financial management journey. Participating Positive Steppers will have their accounts tracked throughout the semester and we’ll determine if they are saving or keeping a balance in their accounts.

Financial Literacy: Budgeting

The second session of the Sister-Nomic$ program consists of: healthy living— how to make a budget; live demonstrations on how to create a spending plan that allows for financial flexibility, including saving money, bill payments, living expenses and entertainment expenditures. Through this demonstration they will be able to participate in an exercise that builds financial awareness; Positive Steppers will be tested by creating a plan that allows for spending and saving.

Financial Literacy: Investing

Our final session includes a guest speaker who will deliver a message of financial responsibility. This seminar is designed to allow Positive Stepper participants the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of the stock market and how it operates. Participants will also have the opportunity to experience a fully interactive presentation which will allow for participants to ask questions and tap into insider knowledge.

Program Outcomes

The overall goal for Sister-Nomic$ is for girls to develop a better understanding of financial literacy. Girls will be equipped with a fundamental understanding of how to apply decision making skills, problem solving skills and management skills in their everyday lives to improve their standard of living. Ultimately, we want participants to realize how an education and making better life choices can impact their journey in life.

To find out more about the National Coalition of 100 Back Women and their Sister-Nomic$ program, visit them here:



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