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Comprehensive care is available for those looking to restore their lives

The Family Place is in its 40th year in providing support for those who are trapped in a cycle of domestic violence and is the largest family violence agency in North Texas. In 2017 they provided 10,049 clients with 130,996 hours of service. With several award-winning programs, The Family Place offers their services in both English or Spanish.

The Family Place offers services, available to all, which include:

  • Residential services
  • Education
  • Clinics
  • 24-Hour crisis hotline
  • Animal kennel
  • Resale store
  • Counseling

The following programs are award-winning as recognized by esteemed bodies such as Planned Parenthood, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and is also accredited by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Community Justice Assistance Division:

Residential Services

Emergency shelter: The shelter provides counseling and emergency relief services at one of three shelters: Safe Campus, Ann Moody Place and a men’s shelter.

In 2017 the emergency shelter offered 374 women, 45 men and 616 children a safe location. The amount of help provided since the shelter has been in operation totals a sum of 47, 513 days of emergency shelter.

Supportive Living program: This program offers extended-stay housing, located on the Safe Campus, for those in a domestic violence situation. Subsidized housing is also available, as well as training, education, child-care, K-2 schooling and after-school services.

In 2017 the Supportive Living program was extended to six men, 77 women and 159 children; all of whom were provided with a total of 32,153 days of transitional housing.


The Child Development Center: Located on the Safe Campus, the Child Development Center is available for children K-2 (five and under) and offers a unique curriculum tailored to children who have experienced trauma or present learning delays because of trauma. The program offered at the Child Development Center is designed to help children acclimate to the classroom environment.

In 2017, the Child Development Center saw that:

  • 164 children attended the Child Development Center
  • 109 children were mentored in the after-school program
  • 46 children enrolled in the Learning Center (grades K-2)


Non-residential counseling: Counseling is available for those not living at the Safe Campus. Counseling is offered in individual or group sessions in available at The Family Place's four office locations in Dallas County and at collaborative partner sites.

Counseling was provided, in 2017, to 57 men, 978 women and 351 children. 79 percent of clients report increasing their healthy coping skills in 2017. In that same year, 2,906 hours of counseling was provided for individuals.

Battering Intervention & Prevention Program (BIPP): This program is offered to offenders who are looking for assistance to rehabilitate themselves and stop the action of inflicting violence on loved ones. The Battering Intervention & Prevention program offers group counseling and seminars on how to recognize and stop abuse.

In 2017 BIPP was able to provide for 628 men, 133 women and 15 adolescents. That same year 97 percent of BIPP graduates who completed the program were not re-arrested for family violence.

Incest Recovery: Free counseling is available for adults and children survivors of incest or sexual abuse. The Incest Recovery program not only offers core counseling services but also provides outreach counseling, training for professionals and educational outreach.

In 2017, 244 women and 628 men and 3 children were provided with counseling and education about sexual assault and incest and its relation to domestic violence.

24-Hour crisis hotline: The 24-Hour crisis hotline is one of the first services made available to everyone. The line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If callers find themselves in a harmful situation, transportation to The Family Place emergency shelter is available or callers could be connected to other support services, outreach counseling or legal aid. The hotline, 214-941-1991 has been in service since 1978.

In 2017, the crisis hotline took 9,680 calls and was able to handle 16,064 information and referral calls.

Award winning service

The Family Place has received accolades for the services they provide for the community. Most recently, the Center for Nonprofit Management awarded The Family Place its prestigious Nonprofit of the Year award. In 2004, the Center for Nonprofit Management presented its Mission Achievement award for their efforts in the nonprofit sector. Most notably, in 2000, the Texas Homeless Network named The Family Place the Most Outstanding Domestic Violence Agency in the state.

Over the past 40 years The Family Place has provided:

  • 215,000 clients with counseling
  • 24,000 women, children and men with lifesaving shelter
  • 6,000 answers to hotline calls

For more information about The Family Place, visit them here:



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