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The Nonprofit Engagement Revolution accelerates social change

A revolution is a fundamental change in the social order in favor of a new system. The Nonprofit Engagement Revolution™ represents a radical change in the strategy and methods by which nonprofits communicate and retain their key constituents: staff, board of directors, volunteers, major donors, consumers and more.

Why do nonprofits and charities need a Nonprofit Engagement Revolution? Because we know that what we are doing doesn’t work as well as we might hope. Staff turnover at nonprofits is two to three times’ greater than at for-profits. Nonprofits lose 53 percent of their major donors every twelve months. This year alone, one-third of volunteers will no longer contribute their time and service, leaving nonprofits high and dry, and lacking feedback or reasons on why those volunteers lost their engagement. Board members frequently report frustration with the constant bombardment of nonprofit emails, surveys and invitations, overflowing their already unmanageable email inboxes.

The lifeblood of nonprofit organizations want meaningful change

The Nonprofit Engagement Revolution is here because the core components of our nonprofits and charities — donors, board members, staff and volunteers — are demanding change. The time has come for the Nonprofit Engagement Revolution because nonprofit leaders are learning that deeper constituent engagement results in more time volunteered, more funds donated and a stronger commitment to the mission. Engaging both the heads and hearts of our supporters equals nonprofit financial sustainability and growth in people resources. Ultimately, this all creates a more powerful momentum toward social change.

New Philanthropy = the Nonprofit Engagement Revolution

The nonprofit world is changing as constituents adopt a “new philanthropy” approach to social good. "New philanthropy is the philanthropy of experiment, philanthropy that introduces the ‘know-how’ of business and the best practices of management, marketing and strategic planning into the nonprofit arena. New donors and volunteers see their philanthropy as a social investment rather than charity; they are results-oriented, they like to take a hands-on approach to their giving and in general, want to apply their business skills to the charities they support.”

This new approach makes sense, but nonprofit leaders are often so busy “chasing” major donors, volunteers and board members, for instance, that they are not always listening to what their supporters are saying. Ian McLintock, Founder of The Charity Excellence Framework says, “I’m tired of being talked at by the nonprofits I serve and support; I have knowledge, skills and ideas I’d like to share. I’m more than a wallet or a signature. I want to understand and be part of mission success.”

One of the top barriers to new philanthropy is that there aren’t enough efficient mechanisms for funders to connect and collaborate with one another in a deep and meaningful way, especially across borders.

There are new, totally secure, affordable, efficient and creative tools through which to communicate and listen to any constituent — tools that provide a platform for true, meaningful engagement. The time has come for nonprofit and charity leaders to check them out.

Join the Nonprofit Engagement Revolution!



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