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Grant is now closed

MissionBox is proud to announce Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley as the grant recipient for our September 2018 cash grant for $2000. Please visit our article sharing their submission for the grant competition asking nonprofits to describe in 200 to 250 words what the term “Nonprofit Engagement Revolution” means to them.

Thank you to all the nonprofits and charities that participated in our September 2018 Engagement Revolution grant. All winners and runners-ups have been notified via email.


MissionBox is committed to a revolutionary idea: that true, deep and personalized “head and heart” engagement with supporters — donors, staff, volunteers, board members, alumni and other consumers — can drive social change and strengthen financial sustainability for all nonprofits and charities.

In 200 to 250 words, tell us what the term “Nonprofit Engagement Revolution” means to you, in the context of your organization’s impact and bottom line. We'll present your answers to our team of nonprofit expert judges who will select the best response. The selected winner will be awarded a $2,000 (USD) cash grant.

We'll also be offering one year of MissionBox Engagement Communities software, designed for nonprofits to deeply engage constituents, to the three runners-up in the application process. This gift requires no purchase of any kind and includes no-charge assistance in setting up your branded and personalized Engagement Community. The value of each software donation is approximately $2,000. If you are chosen, there is no obligation to accept.

The Grant

The MissionBox Philanthropic Fund is offering one $2,000 (USD or equivalent) grant award for September 2018 to a nonprofit or charity, from anywhere in the world.

Grant opens September 4, 9:00 a.m., CDST and closes September 28 5:00 p.m., CDST. Winners will be announced in October, 2018.

The Rules

All you need to do is follow these application steps:

If you DO NOT currently have a MissionBox organization profile:

  • First, create your organization’s profile on MissionBox. It is your responsibility to carefully follow and fully complete your organizational profile on MissionBox. This will allow the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund to ensure that applicants represent an actively registered charity or nonprofit. Important note: Only nonprofits and charities with completed profiles are eligible.

Register Your Organization on MissionBox

Your organizational profile submission indicates that you agree to allow MissionBox to republish descriptions of your work, in any available medium, as attributed to you or your organization.

  • Second, in 200 to 250 words, tell us what the term “Nonprofit Engagement Revolution” means to you, in the context of your organization’s impact and bottom line, and send it to

If you DO currently have a MissionBox organization profile:

  • In 200 to 250 words, tell us what the term “Nonprofit Engagement Revolution” means to you, in the context of your organization’s impact and bottom line, and send it to

Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase or fee is required to apply or be chosen as a grant recipient. Each organizational profile and an engagement entry may only be submitted once.
  • Submissions must be provided in English.
  • If an insufficient number of eligible entries are received, MissionBox reserves the right to award remaining grant funds in a future grant award program.

Applicants must be affiliated with an organization that is an IRS-approved nonprofit, or a registered charity or NGO in the organization’s country of origin.

Qualified organizations will be asked to confirm that they comply with the following nonprofit operating guidelines:

  • Organization must have been a registered nonprofit, NGO or charity and in operation for at least one year.
  • Organization may be asked to verify the above by providing documentation.

In Addition:

  • Applicant agrees to allow MissionBox to publish information about the mission of the nonprofit or charity in any media format selected by MissionBox.
  • If requested, applicant agrees to meet with a representative of the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund about their organization.
  • Applicant agrees that all questions related to the grant application will be transmitted via email to Please do not call MissionBox with questions. Callers will become ineligible to receive a grant.
  • Any taxes incurred, or tax reporting required because of receiving grant funds are the responsibility of the recipient. Neither MissionBox, Inc. nor the MissionBox Philanthropic Fund shall be liable for deducting or reporting any tax associated with this transaction. This grant program is null and void in any jurisdiction where prohibited by law.
  • MissionBox employees, officers, directors, and shareholders, or members of their immediate families (spouse, children, brother, sister, mother, father) are not eligible to apply for grant awards.

The MissionBox Philanthropic Fund is a fund of the Austin Community Foundation (ACF).



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