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“A world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.”

There are over 80 types of whales and dolphins on this earth and the folks over at the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) are working tirelessly to sustain the future of these cetaceans. The organization has set its sights on making sure that whales and dolphins not only survive but ‘thrive’ in the wild.

WDC envisions a world where every whale and dolphin is safely living in the wild. Every day they inspire amazing people to global action with the beauty and awe that these intelligent beings radiate. The people behind WDC are the authorities on both whale and dolphin issues that are pertinent to their very existence and safety.

With offices located in the UK, North America, Argentina, Germany and Australia, Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s efforts work in tandem with one another to influence and change the conversation surrounding the topic.

WDC is working on a global scale to deliver their mission through, “campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research, rescue, education’ among many other avenues.”

Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s values include:

  • Passion: Equipped with a passion that propels their mission, WDC works with experts and supporters to meet their objectives.
  • Integrity: With unwavering rectitude, the organization champions for effective change in practices that could impede the natural life cycle of these cetaceans.
  • Inclusiveness: WDC campaigns with organizations at all levels to unite and work together to ensure protection for future generations to come.
  • Courage: Instilled with tenacity and fortitude, WDC takes on the largest corporations to have their message heard.

These values are the driving force for the direction this nonprofit organization is moving in. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation has a four-year conservation plan to secure the future and climate that will sustain the cetacean population all of which include:

  • Policy performance that seeks to stop whaling, end captivity, provide homes for whales and dolphins, ending bycatch, and advocate for rights of whales and dolphins;
  • Growing sustainably and efficiently to deliver a multitude of resources, offices, and campaigns to the people.
  • People and process are working towards changing the current structure and process by implementing new strategies in their conservation efforts.
  • Engaging people to inspire action by strengthening the relationship between existing constituents and supporters.

Celebrating 30 years of service, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation continues to advocate for these majestic sea animals. To learn more, visit them over at:



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