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“Building a brighter future for all exotic birds.”

As of 2017 the American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners Survey lists birds as the fourth type of animal often found in U.S. households, coming in at a 7.9 million count. Niko’s Exotic Bird Rescue provides support, shelter, medical attention, rehabilitation, relocation services, and above all else, love.

Niko’s Exotic Bird Rescue takes in avian friends who have found themselves in one of the following scenarios:

  • Households who have purchased a companion but need to surrender because of unwanted health issues are unable to dedicate the time necessary to adjust behavioral problems or simply cannot afford to care for them any longer.
  • Hoarding or pet hoarding can often leave birds in unsanitary and abusive conditions which leads to stress, and unfortunately, health issues that can be detrimental to a bird’s way of living.
  • Owners who have since passed and did not plan future accommodations for their winged friend.

Rescue begins by providing shelter and care at Niko’s Exotic Bird Rescue. Birds of all feathers are taken in and rehabilitated back to peak health, both physically and mentally. Once these feathered friends are in optimal condition and ready to make the change, this bird rescue assists in rehoming them in a “forever home”; a home where they can live out the rest of their days.

Birds can be sponsored or adopted from this bird rescue. Sponsorship requires a one-time donation which goes toward providing: food, shelter, veterinary appointments, and most important to our feathery friends, toys! A photo of the sponsored bird is also available for those seeking to donate. Adoption options are also available at the rescue’s discretion.

Each avian friend has a backstory or history which may or may not be suitable for certain households, for example:

  • Homes that have more than one pet are often not suitable for older birds who really enjoy their quiet time.
  • Busy households often do not make the best setting for some because most birds, especially cockatoo’s, need more individualized attention from their owner(s).
  • Some winged-friends require space to roam and time out of their aviary’s and require specific accommodations to fit those needs such as rooms with no ceiling fans, no open windows, places to perch, etc.

With help from the community, volunteers and monetary support, Niko’s Exotic Bird Rescue continues to provide this service for exotic birds who need a helping hand. To find out more about Niko’s Exotic Bird Rescue, visit them at



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