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"When that time comes, they never walk alone."

Pictured above is Savanna a recent arrival to Grey Oaks Equine Sanctuary. Savannah is a branded BLM sorrel Mustang Mare. Photo credit: Robyn Suzanne.

Sprawling pastures and rolling hills paint the picturesque background for Grey Oaks Equine Sanctuary located in Wilson, Oklahoma. This equine rescue and sanctuary provides services for older horses who would otherwise be neglected, abandoned and uncared for. Too often, horses who are no longer young and spry are purchased and sold to slaughterhouses. At Grey Oaks Equine Sanctuary, old bones are given a second chance at living their best life.

The sanctuary outlines the beauty of the scenery by describing it in the following way:

“Nestled at the foot of the Arbuckle Mountains lies the historic Red River Valley of Oklahoma where you will find softly rolling hills covered with Indian Paintbrush, Red Bud trees and Indian Blanket.”

This equine rescue and sanctuary believes in providing comfort, support and love to each soul, until their last day. Grey Oaks Equine Sanctuary provides an idyllic environment where each animal can graze and run wild. These noble animals are provided with a natural environment, which leads the organization to believe, that they are providing a stress free world where they can live out the rest of their days.

Grey Oaks Equine Sanctuary provides services for aging equine which include the following:

Rescue and Shelter: Aging equine are often sold to brokers who turn a profit by selling the livestock to kill shelters, who in turn sell and ship the horses for their meat overseas. The nonprofit organization will go to great lengths to fundraise the asking amount to purchase and ensure that each living animal has a better ending. The rescued animals are provided with food, water, shelter and, in most cases, medical treatment or veterinary services.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation can be considered as the second stage of rescue. Equine that are rescued frequently arrive with an onset of maladies that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Some foals are rescued in the worst conditions, only to find out that they’re not only sickly looking, but they have underlying health issues. Most foals can be nursed back to health with proper care and diet, but there are some who arrive that are in need of necessary medical treatment. Grey Oaks Equine Sanctuary strives to rehabilitate even the severest cases by providing patience, dedication and care.

Long-term to end-of-life care: The serene environment allows for equine to gallop, graze and roam free with other senior equine under the care of this organization. Each senior is protected and cared for until their last breath. With reduction in noise pollution as well as environmental pollution, these old equine are given a stress-free and peaceful environment to live out their days.

Basic Equine Education: Grey Oaks Equine Sanctuary offers basic equine education for those seeking to undertake the task of rescuing and rehabilitating equine.

As the novel, Black Beauty, tells it, “... and here my story ends. My troubles are all over, and I am at home…” Equine of all walks are protected, nursed and deeply cared for until their last day when their sun sets, and their story ends at Grey Oaks Equine Sanctuary.

For more information about the equine sanctuary and refuge, visit them here:



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