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Women’s Fund of Rhode Island is investing in advocacy, research and leadership development.

The Women's Fund of Rhode Island (WFRI) invests in women and girls through advocacy, research and leadership development. Their work lays the foundation for a more equitable Rhode Island and has made the state a national leader in public policies that are good for women and families.

The Women's Fund of Rhode Island is a group of people working together to eliminate gender inequity in the state through systemic change. Some are mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, partners, wives, husbands, girls and boys; volunteers, board members, donors, interns; former elected officials, current legislators, state workers, local business owners and companies.

Their mission is to invest in women and girls in our community through research, advocacy and strategic partnerships designed to eliminate gender inequity through systematic change.

Grant making

The Women's Fund of Rhode Island grant program recognizes that many of society's problems have a greater impact on women and girls. There is an undeniable correlation between poverty, low self-esteem, poor health and inadequate healthcare, job access and wages, domestic violence, sexual assault and being female. WRFI seeks to fund projects and initiatives that use a ‘gender lens' to focus on the unique needs of women and girls and provide gender-specific solutions to problems facing women and girls in Rhode Island.

Leadership development

The Women's Policy Institute is a professional development and mentoring program designed to develop policy advocacy and strategic communications skills among women who are interested in influencing the policymaking process.


The Women's Fund Rhode Island believes in engaging. Getting the community involved in the continuing fight for gender equality is the cornerstone of the organization. These efforts have turned ideas into laws, citizens into lawmakers and observers into doers. Rhode Island will only change when Rhode Islanders make a commitment to changing it, and we're helping to make those commitments happen.

Through their programs, the Women's Fund Rhode Island envisions a community, nation and world that is free of gender bias and where social justice exists for all. The social change will be evidenced by community engagement, the removal of barriers to resources and the existence of equitable social and institutional systems.

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