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Nonprofit organization known as GHAPO offers to uplift and educate teenagers and leaders of tomorrow.

Grassroots Health Aid Promotion Organization (GHAPO) is a 501c(3) registered charity organization that conducts its program in Nigeria, West Africa. GHAPO’s target population is primarily the underprivileged, high school students located in Nigeria. The focus behind the organization is to create a grassroots upliftment, upbuilding through education, empowering teenagers and leaders of tomorrow to healthcare research, prevention, promotion and screening.

GHAPO’s focus areas include the following:

  • Healthcare prevention
  • Promotion and screening
  • Empowerment for the girl child and basic emergency training
  • Support to other non-governmental organizations
  • Healthcare research
  • Environmental protection

Students can expect to receive counseling through presentations and lectures conducted by speakers. Training is also offered to students on topics such as health, emergency preparation and preventive education. Each workshop is presented with entrance and exit questionnaires to help shape and improve the content that is being delivered.

Participants can also follow the GHAPO message through their Facebook posts here. The organization's page offers information and guidance to students on topics such as, “Running A Business While In High School” and “Pursuing Your Passion VS Financial Security”. The information encourages students to interact with the posts and offers a chance to get one-on-one guidance with the organization.

GHAPO's website can be used as a tool for students who are not able to attend these workshops. Students can further educate themselves on these topics by viewing the downloadable brochure and books provided.



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