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Seattle-based nonprofit wants girls and female identifying youth to learn to skateboard together.

Skate Like a Girl is a nonprofit organization with a mission to create an inclusive community by promoting confidence, leadership and social justice through the sport of skateboarding. Skate Like a Girl is a girl-centric organization that believes that skateboarding is for everyone and is meant to be inclusive across all genders, ages and abilities. Skate Like a Girl’s nonprofit organization is headquartered in Seattle, and has additional chapters in Portland and San Francisco.

Founded in the spring of 2000 by Evergreen college students, Skate Like a Girl began as a community of women skateboarders whose efforts were committed to uprooting any “-ism” that presented barriers. For a long time anything “like a girl” was meant to be a negative connotation and the organization set their goal to change it. The founders and their grassroots efforts gained increasing attention in 2005, creating enough momentum to officially establish the organization as a 501( c)(3) nonprofit.

Skate Like a Girl works with local schools, community centers and other agencies to ensure all youth, regardless of socioeconomic background, have access to physical activity during school or after. Every year Skate Like a Girl partners with 20 plus sites (including public/private schools and Seattle Parks) to provide ongoing weekly programming. Roughly 80 percent of the school-based enrichment programs are made accessible to partner sites through Skate Like a Girl scholarship funds.

Meeting the needs of low-income families, at the Seattle site, is made possible through financial assistance and loaner equipment. Skate Like a Girl sites offer financial assistance for those who need help covering the program’s cost and are willing to submit an application. Professional quality skateboards are the choice instrument to use when learning how to skateboard and the organization understands how financially difficult that could be which is why skateboards are available on loan.

The nonprofit organization holds summer camps as well as clinics during the summer months that engage girls to keep active and develop confidence. They also offer Sunday Group Lessons, in Seattle, called “Learn to Skate”. The program is a structured, inclusive and supportive of the needs for beginners to learn to “shred”.

Skate Like a Girl provides an inclusive safe space for children to express themselves with confidence and an understanding of social justice in their everyday dealings. To find out more information about Skate Like a Girl and its three other chapters, visit them here:



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