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Community Bridges is changing the lives of those enrolled in their programs.

Community Bridges is a nonprofit that focuses on developmental needs of immigrant and minority girls, grades 4-12, living in poverty in Montgomery County, Maryland. Community Bridges’ (CB) mission is to empower girls from diverse backgrounds to become exceptional students, positive leaders and healthy young women.

Community Bridges uses a unique approach that centers around a holistic strategy empowering young girls to excel academically, gain leadership skills and have healthy young minds and bodies. This approach supports girls by taking the time to help set goals and realize their advocacy along with many other support avenues. With the help of the holistic approach, girls find that they are: engaged in community; committed to school and furthering their education; empowered self-advocate; prepared for careers; healthy and self-confident; cultivating positive relationships.

Community Bridges' programming includes the following:

  • CB School-Based Girls Program
  • CB College and Career Program
  • CB Mentoring Program
  • CB Family Institute

“Since she’s been in the program, she is more happy; she looks at the future in a different way,” said the mother of a participant in the CB programs. Along with providing mentorship and soft skills the CB program hopes to reduce poverty by breaking the cycle.

  • 82 percent of CB families earn less than $48,000 a year
  • Over 80 percent of CB girls qualify for free and reduced lunch

With immigrant families constituting 30 percent of the county's population and 35 percent of poor residents, the need for responsive, intergenerational youth services is in greater need now more than ever.

To find out more about Community Bridges visit them here:



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