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The Ann Bancroft Foundation awards grants to girls who are seeking to fund their career dreams.

The Ann Bancroft Foundation (ABF) has awarded grants totaling more than $1.4 million to over 4,000 Minnesota girls since 1997. This round of awards went to girls who participated in the Minnesota YMCA Youth In Government (YIG) program. The program within the YMCA helps high school students understand the government and its inner-workings.

The grant winners participated in the YIG program that provides social soft skills as well as a look inside the inner workings of some governmental bodies. “Given that authoritative position, it sparked more interest into furthering my career interests in government,” said one grantee.

Over the course of the last decade, ABF has funded 48 girls from different backgrounds to participate in YIG. 88 percent of grantees say that without ABF support, they would not have achieved their dream or known if it would be possible.

Grants are awarded each year in the spring and fall. Not only do grants from the Ann Bancroft Foundation help achieve their short term goals, they also enable participation in activities that give girls the skills and confidence to have a unique experience with lifelong impact. The Ann Bancroft Foundation dares girls to imagine something bigger and see their dreams come true.



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