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Using the Kintsugi (Golden Repair) aesthetic, abuse victims learn ways to restore themselves.

The M3ND Project, Inc. is a nonprofit focusing on the issues of Primary and Double Abuse and the escalated trauma it creates. Primary Abuse is defined as any physical abuse, emotional and sexual exploitation, such as domestic violence, child sexual assault, bullying and/or rape.

Originally researched and developed by Annette Oltmans, co-founder of the M3ND Project, Double Abuse occurs when victims receive incorrect therapy when they reach out for help and are questioned, criticized, silenced or ostracized by their own families, religious or professional communities.

The M3ND Project seeks to empower and bring about holistic healing for the victim, the impacted community, and even a pathway to healing for the perpetrator through supportive accountability. The vision at the Mend Project is to end Double Abuse.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 50 percent of intimate relationships involve lifelong emotional abuse. Recent studies point to much higher numbers. Intimate partner violence is our number one public health problem: over drug and alcohol addiction, HIV, AIDS, cancer, heart disease or air quality according to Lundy Bancroft, trainer and consultant on child protection and domestic abuse. Furthermore, those lives impacted often come up against secondary abuse and the escalated trauma it creates.

Inspiration is drawn from the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which literally means Golden Repair. The idea behind this stunning work is mending the cracks of broken pottery with precious metals, like gold, making the ordinary piece of pottery even more valuable and beautiful. The M3ND Project seeks to bring about healing in the repair processes for survivors of Primary and Double resulting in a restored and beautiful creation.

The M3ND Project, Inc. is continuing to educate, equip and restore those impacted by Primary and Double Abuse. Learn more:



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