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Empowering women with education

Published April 2018

GLOW Foundation’s focus is to provide women in developing countries with multilevel assistance to help them reach their goals and dreams. The Foundation’s main objectives include providing university and college tuition assistance, mentorship and promoting entrepreneurism.

Glow Foundation addresses young women’s education needs to reduce poverty and mortality rates, improve health, reduce child marriages and pregnancies, as well as increase the well-being of their future families.

  • Women who receive a secondary education are three times less likely to contract HIV/AIDS than girls who lose access to education after primary school.
  • The most recent G20 Summit on girls and education reported that if all girls were to complete 12 years of school, child marriage would be reduced by 64 percent; pregnancies for girls 17 and under would be reduced by 60 percent in sub-Saharan Africa alone.
  • An educated girl transfers her knowledge to help create a healthier family. Their children are less likely to die of treatable diseases — research suggests that child deaths would drop by 49 percent if all women completed a secondary education.

GLOW Foundation granted 41 college scholarships to women in 2017-2018. The students choose a wide variety of educational focus, including business, science, engineering, tourism, environmental studies, humanitarian issues and journalism. These educational opportunities will allow GLOW Foundation scholarship recipients to their community’s quality of life, as well as their own.

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