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Nonprofit extends its outreach efforts to save women trapped in modern day slavery.

Eve’s Angels Inc NFP combats domestic sex trafficking and the exploitation of women in the commercial sex industry. Since its inception in 2008, Eve’s Angels has rapidly become the restorative answer for women trapped in modern day slavery. We offer a safe home residential program for victims and survivors (women ages 18 and up), outreaches into the commercial sex trade and educational curriculum and presentations; we provide over 10 percent of the national resource for residential refuge for women 18 and up.

Eve’s Angels Inc NFP has outreach efforts in cities located across the country, composed of volunteers that give their time to bi-monthly visits into places where sex is being sold. Women take gift bags, food, flowers, etc. and spend time forming relationships letting women know they are loved. Our angels receive training congruent with our belief system that no judgement is necessary for anyone, anywhere. Love is a basic need and giving it can change lives.

By forming a community around women in the sex for sale trade, our outreach volunteers are available if and when women decide they want to find other forms of employment. Our outreach teams are ready and equipped to show love and meet the needs to help them with their truth.

We offer immediate residential answers for women escaping sex trafficking and exploitation by providing a safe home and residential program. Our residents can stay up to one year to heal and rebuild their lives. Eve's Angels offers a two part program, the first part of our program deals with the immediate trauma with victim services and crisis intervention. The second part is survivor rehabilitation where we assist our residents with the tools to successfully obtain a healthy life and reintegrate back into mainstream society.

By equipping our constituents with education, vocational, financial and healthy living options, we regularly see women change their lives from slavery to freedom inside and out. Our staff is highly trained to deal with the moment by moment need each day, and we are all able to provide for the needs of women who are in desperate need of support. A bi-weekly bible study/support group is also offered as a meeting place outside their work.

The mission of Eve’s Angels Inc NFP is to house and rehabilitate women in the sex industry, outreach into their places of employment, provide them with support groups and expand education on sex trafficking and sexual exploitation nationwide.



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