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Refugees in Denver, Colorado find comfort in their new community.

Project Worthmore is working to restore worth to their refugee neighbors through the heart of the community. Every family they serve has a unique story, a steadfast courage and a resilience to survive and rebuild their lives in Colorado. They are a nonprofit organization comprised of committed community members who give, volunteer, mentor and befriend other refugee neighbors. Through the heart of their community they are able to restore worth to their refugee neighbors.

Project Worthmore programs first started as a makeshift response to the unmet needs of refugee neighbors in 2009. They now offer six comprehensive programs to refugee’s in need.

Through their programs they were able to:

  • Help 50,000 Refugees in Denver
  • Serve 829 Families in 2017
  • Volunteer a total of 7,100 hours in 2017
  • Distribute 72,760 pound of produce in 2017

Their program, the Yu Meh Food Share, was created to increase access to healthy and fresh food. The driving force behind this program is to increase access to healthy, fresh food. The foodshare program is designed as a community-centered, culturally-relevant program that is resourced by local businesses, nonprofits and community farms.

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