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HairOnPurpose Incorporated offers social skills education to teen girls.

HairOnPurpose Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) organization that uses hair, beauty and health education as an entry point to support teenage girls in social issues that impact them during their formative years. Our nonprofit organization partners with our communities to engage young girls in workshops, conferences and events all centered around hair and self-care. Using our expertise, passion and education we provide an amazing program structure for girls between the ages of 8-17. HairOnPurpose focuses on engaging, educating and empowering girls to make healthy and purposeful decisions regarding their hair and life journey.


It’s our understanding that there is an overwhelming amount of financial support for nonprofit organizations (such as academics, arts, business, entertainment, science and technology) that are committed to educating and empowering the youth. However, one very prevalent and seemingly untapped area is the organized education and empowerment of our youth in the social area of beauty and hair health. There is so much that goes into raising and educating a child. Although it is very important for us to hone in on the significance of areas such as academia, sports and technology, it is also very important that we recognize the value of educating our youth in the social area of beauty and hair health.


Since the start of our project we have successfully impacted a large amount of young women in our community. Out of 449 total participants: 100 percent scored higher on their post assessments. 85 percent felt more confident about themselves and their abilities after the HairOnPurpose workshop. 80 percent were able to select appropriate hair product(s) for their hair type. 72 percent continued to engage with HairOnPurpose after their sessions ended.

Our program structure includes:

  • Engage: HairOnPurpsose brings together young girls to explore topics concerning their hair-journey, social definitions of beauty, health and wellbeing and empowers them to take ownership of their own understanding of self-worth.
  • Educate: During this foundational portion of the workshop, we introduce the important aspects of hair care and parallel it with a social issue that impacts their age group and communities. Through this we are able to educate our girls on all things hair and challenge them to go against social constructs that can negatively impact them in the future.
  • Explore: The “Explore” portion of our workshop is an interactive hands-on lab, where participants get the opportunity to explore hair up close and learn about their own hair and scalp through hair typing, scalp and hair analysis which include, density, porosity, elasticity and more. The goal of this lab is to provide an immersive learning experience while creating a fun environment for our participants.
  • Empower: Our most important task is to empower our girls to feel confident in their abilities to take care of their hair and to be leaders in their communities. At the end of our workshops, participants have the chance to engage with our program far after the workshops ends. Such as our “Ten Week Program Series”, becoming a Teen Hair Champion in their community, contributing to the HairOnPurpose (HOP) blog and many more ways.

HairOnPurpose currently has an active blog that is for and operated by past participants of the program. Our goal is to be the premier hair and beauty website for young girls. Each month we have new content that lives on our website that is created and edited by our Youth Contributors.



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