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Recognizing the responsibility of communities to help those who serve

Clear Path for Veterans is a nonprofit that helps men and women leaving the military transition from a structured, predictable environment into civilian life. Clear Path provides support, resources and programs designed to meet a variety of veteran needs.

From their website: "While many nonprofits serving veterans focus on a single issue or need, Clear Path’s model is diverse and all-inclusive. Although PTSD, MST, traumatic brain injuries and other physical injuries from military service are a reality of war, we help work through those challenges and build upon the resiliency of these men and women which goes beyond their disability.

Each program, service and referral takes into account the continual desire to serve and incorporates giving back in some capacity. We are firm believers that anyone who has worn the uniform holds a special place within their community. To ensure others answer the call to service, we continue educating the broader community on military and warrior culture and help prepare ourselves to accept the responsibility of welcoming them home. Clear Path is our community’s example of showing we care, no matter how long it takes."

Veterans support services

Clear Path for Veterans has a variety of veteran-focused programs.

  • Dogs2Vets: popular program that matches veterans with emotional support dogs. Vets are matched with dogs and together, the vets learn the foundation of training support dogs.
  • The Wingman Program: this program provides support to veterans who want to live independent and purposeful lives.
  • Warriors Working: a career-focused program that teaches or enhances career-building skills to veterans to help them find new employment or advance in current careers.
  • Women Proudly Served: focuses on women veterans and provides a mutual support group of shared unique experiences and understanding of having served in the military.

Read more about Clear Path and the full list of programs they provide.



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