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What you should know about Facebook's fundraising-friendly tools

Late in 2017, Facebook announced that it would no longer collect fees for nonprofits using its platform to fundraise. Facebook provides multiple tools for nonprofits to leverage a broader donor base. Now, nonprofits can add the Facebook donation button directly on their page, supporters will have the opportunity to donate easily.

Media Cause looks at some options available for ramping up your social media donation strategies.

The Facebook Donation button

  • With a donation button, users can stay on your Facebook page instead of visiting a separate website
  • The button can be added to your page or individual posts
  • Reporting features. The first is a payout report, which lets you know about the current total of fundraising. Second is a transactional report with information about who is donating, when and the amount of their donation

Should my nonprofit use Facebook fundraising?

Nonprofits using Facebook fundraising is steadily on the rise. The ease of giving and payment options truly makes it effortless for individuals to donate, by taking advantage of time-sensitive and actionable news in a way your nonprofit couldn’t before.

It's important that nonprofits find innovative ways to allow donors to give. Optimizing technology to capture a wider donor-base is crucial; Facebook and other social medial platforms allow for a broader donor reach.

Dos and don’ts for Facebook's donation button

  • Do test it out. Experiment with timeframes, such as asking for donations on a weekly basis or for only "breaking news" that you think will drive donations. Document and analyze your test results to get a feel for how to move forward.
  • Do coordinate with your ongoing campaigns. If you already have an email campaign up and running, send your email recipients to Facebook to use the donation button.
  • Don't overuse it by asking your Facebook audience to donate on every post. You don't want your donors to get annoyed with a constant ask for money.
  • Don't simply turn on your donation button and forget about it. Promote and curate this fundraising effort with the same effort you apply to every fundraising effort.

Facebook should be viewed as another useful tool in your fundraising efforts. Learn more about Facebook fundraising here.



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