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Use your own voice and creativity to stand up against sexual harassment.

For the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, Reese Witherspoon worked with Arianne Phillips (designer and stylist for Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and No Doubt, to name a few) to create the official "Time'sUp" pin. The limited-edition pin — for 500 Golden Globe invitees only — will likely be made available to allow all women to access this highly visible sign that the good old boys’ “locker room” behavior will no longer be tolerated. It’s a great idea.

But I have another idea. Why not make your own pin or visual statement of what you believe? Why line the pockets of the already rich who already have a voice with a public event like the Golden Globe Awards? Be creative and create your own version of “Time’s Up.” Make this your own personal attempt to publicly proclaim your resistance to workplace harassment.

I know you may be skeptical. After all, it’s just a pin, and one thought up by and for the elite of Hollywood. We all know that the real work of changing the worldwide pattern of sexual harassment of women is ahead of us and we all should take on this task — not just Reese and the glitterati. Making your own version of the “Time’s Up” protest statement is just one more highly visible “line in the sand” regarding a collective determination to stop the workplace objectification and gender bias that we have endured forever.

No matter where you work — for-profit or nonprofit — the harassment is real. A 2015 Cosmopolitan survey tells us that one in every three working women have experienced sexual harassment in their workplace.

Perhaps men will think twice when they see this pin on your lapel; perhaps men who support women’s right to a harassment-free work environment will also wear your pin (and the bad guys who refuse will be easily identifiable to all.)

One way to measure whether the wearing of this pin might make a difference and provide a small avenue of protest, is to think about the number of countries or circumstances where women will be banned from creating and wearing the “Times Up” symbol of resistance. That equates to millions of sex slaves, victims of female genital mutilation, sufferers of domestic abuse and other victimized and oppressed women around the world. Let's wear our pin to support those women as well.

It’s more than time to speak up for ourselves and our sisters. Let’s get on board, get creative and fight back. The time is now.



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