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A grassroots NGO working to rebuild basic infrastructure services in Afghanistan


The Afghan Medical Outreach Organization (AMOO) located in Kabul, Afghanistan, is nonprofit social organization that strives to deliver better healthcare and socio-economic services to the population of Afghanistan. AMOO works closely with the Ministry of Health and nongovernmental institutions in the health and socio-economic sectors. AMOO collaborates with institutions, stakeholders and implementing partners by providing services at various levels including research, baseline surveys, program execution and impact studies.


Using evidence-based best practice approach, empower communities to set and achieve their own development goals.


Prosperous families empowered to make informed choices.


Three decades of ongoing conflict have devastated basic infrastructure services in Afghanistan. To revive healthcare and social services, AMOOworks with grassroots communities . AMOO conducts awareness campaigns against human illnesses caused by parasites, viruses and bacteria that are transmitted by living organisms such as mosquitoes, drug addiction and community hygiene. AMOO is also working closely with young people by facilitating vocational training that aims to create a value chain for local produce and resources.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Contribute to rehabilitation, advancement and development efforts through generating and promoting evidence-based best practices and implementing community development projects.
  2. Promote decentralization through local level civil society governance and capacity building at local, national and international levels so that community development projects are implemented smoothly.
  3. To network at national and international level through identifying and cooperating with sister organizations having similar mission, vision and strategic objectives.


Healthcare component:

AMOO conducts healthcare awareness campaigns, anti-drug use campaigns, distribution of information regarding vector-borne diseases, medical surveys and school health education. In addition, it has experience in organizing and hosting health education, training and other health services in urban and rural population areas. The NGO has also established a working relationship with healthcare facilities at national, provincial and district levels to provide better health for all.

Socio-economic component:

Despite the influx of aid and the abundance of untapped natural resources, Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries in the world with a high ratio of joblessness. AMOO is working with local youths, entrepreneurs and the business community to create a fruitful socio-economic ecosystem where the local community can benefit from the value-chain activities and produce high-value goods. As part of its efforts to help create a viable business environment, which can sustain jobs at local level, AMOO provides vocational training to young people at various levels including production, processing and storage of agricultural and other goods.

Research & Survey component:

AMOO has a competent research and M&E team which undertakes field surveys, research and monitoring and evaluation activities for in-house activities as well as for relevant stakeholder or partner organizations.



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