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| Updated May 22, 2018

Reach your ideal pre-qualified nonprofit decision-maker with MissionBox

Why should your business partner with the MissionBox brand?

MissionBox provides nonprofits and charities with the power to connect, learn, share and shine in minutes. The MissionBox community is focused on elevating impact and social change. Nonprofit leaders come to MissionBox for free, professionally researched and expertly-written educational content, training and business resources. MissionBox provides businesses that wish to serve nonprofits and charities with the best possible ways to elevate their business status as thought-leaders and find their ideal, pre-qualified nonprofit customers.
  • Engage our large and growing nonprofit community and tell your business story
  • Provide optimal visibility for your business with the right prospects
  • Offer your nonprofit insights and engagement opportunities
  • Connect to ideal nonprofit leaders via MissionBox Affinity-Match technology
  • Position you and your business as a thought leader in your industry
  • Stop wasting time, money and travel on prospects that go nowhere and start learning about how your business and MissionBox can grow together.

There are many ways to reach your ideal pre-qualified nonprofit decision-maker with MissionBox Affinity-Match technology

What is MissionBox Affinity-Match technology?

MissionBox proprietary Affinity-Match technology recognizes your ideal nonprofit customer, based upon their content selection choices, and serves your advertisements and business profile to your target market. Affinity-Match technology will identify your best customer audience by interest in content related to your business product or service. MissionBox also provides you with a complete nonprofit profile, which gives you instant access to current information on type of nonprofit, geographic location, size. This means leads provided to you via MissionBox Affinity-Match technology will result in high-quality, referral-level prospects, ready for your sales pipeline.

MissionBox offers a wide variety of advertising opportunities, all using Affinity-Match Technology. All membership packages include sponsored content. Additional content sponsorship is available as an a la carte option to any membership package.

The MissionBox brand

MissionBox has a growing library of nearly 1,000 up-to-date, professionally researched and written articles on best practices in charity operations and service delivery impact. MissionBox refreshes our featured content bi-weekly to bring new ideas and resources to our nonprofit readers. MissionBox stands for integrity and excellence in content and peer connections.

The MissionBox vision

MissionBox is committed to a world where hundreds of millions of nonprofit professionals, volunteers and funders no longer work in isolation, but instead are empowered by mission-related knowledge and colleague connections. We help nonprofits better promote social change and provide access to information and support beyond the world they know while bringing global visibility to the missions they love.

Who are the dedicated professionals who built MissionBox?

MissionBox recognizes that nonprofit work is critical to the well-being of us all. MissionBox founders, staff, board members and advisors have extensive experience in serving nonprofits of all types and sizes. Check out our team at the “About us" button at the top of the MissionBox navigation menu.

The MissionBox audience

MissionBox is a relatively new publication. However, since our 2017 launch, we have had more than 80,000 nonprofit visitors, primarily from the US, read MissionBox content — nearly 1,000 unique articles — over 100,000 times. Nonprofits are daily completing extensive profiles on MissionBox, raising their visibility to donors, funders and peers. Readers spend an average of 8-12 minutes reading MissionBox content on the site at each visit, with audience demographics indicating that these readers are decision-makers at their nonprofit or charity. With an average of an 9 percent bounce rate, which is very low, we are obviously reaching the right industry executives. Businesses that join MissionBox as members or partners will grow with us, enjoying top visibility with our charity audience.

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