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Advertise to Nonprofits on MissionBox

| Updated February 15, 2018

There are many ways to reach your ideal pre-qualified nonprofit decision-maker with MissionBox Smart-Match technology

What is MissionBox Smart-Match Technology?

MissionBox proprietary Smart-Match technology recognizes your ideal nonprofit customer and serves your business profile to your target market. Smart-Match technology will identify your best customer audience by type of nonprofit, geographic location, size, and interest in content related to your business product or service. This means leads provided to you via MissionBox Smart-Match technology will result in high-quality, referral-level prospects, ready for your sales pipeline.

MissionBox offers a wide variety of advertising opportunities, all using Smart-Match Technology.

All membership packages include sponsored content. Additional content sponsorship is available as an a la carte option to any membership package.

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What is MissionBox for nonprofits?

MissionBox is a β€œone-stop,” online knowledge and connection hub for nonprofits and charities from around the world. Nonprofit leaders, executives, staff and volunteers come to MissionBox for free, professionally researched and expertly-written educational content, training and resources. We are building a community for high impact visionaries, knowledgeable nonprofit colleagues, thought leaders and those meeting the challenge of starting or growing a mission-critical nonprofit organization.

MissionBox provides nonprofits and charities the power to connect, learn, share and shine in minutes. Nonprofits from anywhere in the world can take advantage of continuously updated and latest evidence-based information.

The MissionBox community is focused on elevating impact and social change.

What is MissionBox for the Business Community?

The MissionBox goal: vendors that target nonprofits for all or some of their products and services save time, travel and the cost of leads that go nowhere. With MissionBox, your business membership profile is served to interested nonprofits resulting in pre-qualified leads, ready to be highly ranked in your pipeline.

MissionBox audience is growing, on average, 50 percent per month β€” with tens of thousands of nonprofit visits.

Our audience is primarily sourced from the U.S. (90 percent), with a growing proportion from the U.K. (currently 8 percent) and the remainder from Australia , New Zealand and Canada. We will be building our Australia and New Zealand presence starting late 2017. Foundations and funders will also be added to our targeted audiences in late 2017.

Coming soon to MissionBox

MissionBox is incorporating live streaming video for nonprofit-to-nonprofit or business-to-nonprofit live conversations, scheduled discussions, Q&As, live demonstration of your business products or services and trainings. Livestreaming video will launch on MissionBox in late 2017.

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